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A modular sustainability reporting tool designed for startups and SMEs. Build your sustainability as you would LEGO, one block at a time.


If you run a startup, an SME, or an NGO and have no clue how to deal with the costs or complexity of sustainability reporting, but your clients and new laws are requiring you to report on sustainability stuff, we’ve got your back.


VALUMIA breaks down reporting into bite-sized pieces because you don’t need to check every box and "dot" every "i" today. You can take it one at a time, with guidance and a simple block-by-block structure. 


But that is not all...

its free*

Yes, you read that right, not only have we made sustainability easier. We made it free. Why? The short story is because we are idealists --*cough* complete idiots *cough*-- and we believe sustainability tools should be for everyone. If not, how can we even have a shot at tackling this and the next generation’s environmental and social challenges?

There is a long story too, but we'll tell you that one later

Are there other (and maybe better) products out there? Absolutely and we can recommend some in our blog! Obviously, if your organization can afford it, you can always engage one of the Big 4 to help you out. But what we want is to help you navigate the chaotic mess of different methodologies, different structures, and insane costs of traditional reporting systems.


Of course, we also understand that our approach might not suit everyone. That's why our blog is filled with recommendations for alternative solutions – because your choices matter.

*All internal reporting is free, forever. If your company chooses to publish a report you will be able to pay the price you think is fair. So join the waitlist and secure your spot

Join the waitlist
Join the waitlist
We are working on VALUMIA and we would love it for you to join our closed beta launch. Register and be the first one to test simple, beautiful, and free sustainability reporting.


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